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Where luxury meets stability on the open seas.

These twin-hulled wonders offer a truly unique sailing experience that balances both comfort and performance. An average is usually 38-50ft (15m) long, luxury catamarans can reach up to 300 feet (90m) in length, and accommodate a large group of guests on board. Of course, given their spacious nature, they are among the vessels with the most extensive amenities, facilities, on-board toys, and more.

Enjoy the spacious deck, swing in the rhythm of the sea on the front deck net watching the sunset while savoring a refreshing aperitif and delve into the luxury of only a catamaran can offer.

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Motor yachts

Experience swift luxury with our motor yachts.

Motor yachts offer a level of opulence that is simply beyond imagination. They typically range from 30 to 80ft (10 -24m) in length, but they can reach up to a 200ft (60m) deck length to accommodate more luxury and ocean-going specifications. Motor yachts traditionally offer increased space and stability, making them a safe choice for families bound to cruise along the coast, and at the same time a favored option for large groups of friends who dream to reach the far-flung grounds of isolated locations.

Choose from our exquisite collection of motor yachts and experience luxury at sea.

Sailing yachts

Billowing in the breeze with style and comfort

Harness the wind, feel the excitement and the freedom only a sailing yacht can offer, and -most importantly- show your helm mastery without letting go of your eco-conscious seafaring values! After all, sailing yachts are the savvy choice for sea travelers seeking high-end adventures with a green touch. And when the wind flexes their sails, these elegant beauties can dash across the water in the exhilarating style that brings to the senses a flair from the past. You can either opt for a classic sailing yacht or a performance yacht. Both will be encased with beautiful outdoor areas and packed with amenities and luxury interiors. 

So, browse with ease, and catch the sea breeze!

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Gulets, a wonder of wooden yacht, make for a sophisticated choice that combines elegance with a strong sailing performance. Originally designed as fishing boats or freighters, these vessels are now classified as motorsailers. They are powered by an engine for primary propulsion and use their sails for additional support. While typically used as pleasure crafts nowadays, boasting all the modern equipment of a motorboat, they still retain the style of a bygone era.

Discover Gulets, the ultimate wooden yacht delight on the high seas!

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