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Wellness and Health-focused Charters

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As the need for well-being and relaxation finds fertile ground in recreational travelers, wellness-focused yacht charters are gaining popularity. These charters include:

  • Fitness activities: to nurture your body, mind, and soul.
  • Inner balance: daily yoga practice, from dawn to dusk.
  • Healthy gourmet cuisine: carefully designed menus and nutritious cuisine.
  • Spa escape: specially designed interior spaces and facilities on the deck for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Yacht type: Wellness-focused charters typically involve modern and well-equipped motor yachts or catamarans, including yoga spaces and spa amenities. However, you can enjoy a journey in well-being even in a smaller sailing yacht especially adjusted to fit your special needs.

Side events:

  • Yoga classes and meditation sessions: Guided meditation workshops and holistic health seminars led by experienced practitioners.
  • Spa days afloat: experience relaxation and rejuvenation with onboard spa treatments.
  • Fitness challenges: whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or fitness lover, every moment aboard can be a revitalizing experience.

Wellness yachting is the ideal escape for health-focused travelers seeking a blend of tranquility and fitness, with a lineup of spa and physical activities.

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