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History and Sightseeing

Search for certified boats, bareboat or skippered.

Wish to combine the desired serenity of the sea with the historical wonders in one sailing trip?

Here’s what to expect with a little… time traveling while sailing;

  • Columbus Quest. Sail through “Las Antillas” and the “Baja Mar” and follow in the wake of Christopher Columbus.
  • Travel in time. Sail through ancient routes and explore the lost civilizations in the Aegean archipelago and the mystic shores of the Adriatic.
  • Historical Regatta. Combine your love for sailing and history by participating in regattas near legendary sites.

Yacht type: Take a trip in history from the deck of a sailing yacht or delve into a historical trip sailing alongside warriors and knights from a lavish motor yacht.

Side events:

  • Guided historical tours on land, exploring ancient ruins and historical landmarks.
  • Themed evenings aboard with costumes and cuisine.
  • Special onboard historians and tour guides provide insights into the history of the places you visit.

Blend the majesty of the sea with stories of the past, all in one unforgettable voyage!

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