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Gastronomy Experiences

Search for certified boats, bareboat or skippered.

Embark on a Sail & Savor trip and explore the world’s finest tastes, from the Mediterranean’s fresh seafood to the Caribbean’s spicy delights.

Here’s what your taste buds can expect from a culinary sailing adventure;

  • Mediterranean gastronomic delights: Follow the culinary paths of the Mediterranean, from fresh Italian pasta to Spanish paella and fresh seafood in the Greek islands, and educate your palate with fine local wine varieties.
  • Follow the spice routes: Discover the exotic flavors and spices, while sailing along the coasts of the Indian Ocean. From pad thai and tectec soup to Seychellan molouk and shark chutney.
  • Haute cuisine in the French Riviera: Let the French cuisine captivate your senses as you sail along the cosmopolitan beachfront restaurants of the Cote d’ Azur.
  • Caribbean fusion adventure: Indulge in tropical flavors, piments, and the unique Caribbean fusion cuisine; a blend of African vegetables, European meat, Indigenous fruit, and Asian rice and spices.

Yacht Type:

Either choosing a sailing yacht (monohaul or catamaran) or succumbing in the finest comfort and luxury of a motor boat savouring the most delicious culinary delights will be a moment to remember.

Side events:

  • Cooking classes and demonstrations with renowned chefs.
  • Onshore visits to local markets and vineyards.
  • Themed gourmet dinners on the deck, with fine wine pairings.

A culinary journey for passionate foodies awaits those who set sail with BoatPlanner for a feast of the senses!

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