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A flotilla is a wonderful way to experience the charm of sailing with a fleet of yachts, led by a professional lead boat or crew. These events are perfect for a group of families, friends, or business teams in seek of socializing, bonding, and enjoying the sea.

Here are some ideas for flotilla events;

  • Mediterranean Odyssey. Explore the stunning coastlines of the Mediterranean with themed parties and local cuisine.
  • Island Hopping. Choose an exotic destination with multiple islands and sail between them for a diverse adventure.
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt. Organize a playful pirate-themed flotilla with scavenger hunts, themed dinners, and fun water activities.

Yacht Type: Flotillas are often best experienced on monohull sailing yachts, offering a more traditional and interactive sailing adventure.

Side events:

  • Onshore BBQs. Arrange beachside barbecues.
  • Water Sports Challenges. Host sports competitions such as sailing races, paddleboarding, or snorkeling challenges.
  • Themed Costume Parties. Encourage participants to get dressed for an all-white party, a wild “pirate Party” or a tropical “Luau” and have fun!

Remember that flotilla events are about bonding and adventure with a little touch of competition. Our Holiday Planner feature and our support team will guide you to find the perfect destination and organize a social event that will leave an unforgettable memory for you and yours!

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