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Floating Workstation and Corporate Retreats

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As remote work has become more prevalent in recent years, many individuals and groups are choosing to work from luxury yachts as an alternative to traditional office environments as digital nomads.

Being a digital nomad and having a ‘Workation’, (work+vacation) is an up & coming trend, combining a break from the usual place of work, but not the work itself!

Get an insight into what to expect:

  • Remote office: Vessels equipped with high-speed internet and office facilities provide a unique setting for combining work with leisure and business with pleasure.
  • Corporate Retreats: Combine work sessions with team-building activities and corporate events.
  • Wellness at work: Add in wellness programs, yoga sessions, and stress-relief activities to promote work-life balance.
  • Local culture and sightseeing: Add to your office a different view every day by island hopping and enjoy the local culture, the history and the gastronomy excitements being a digital nomad on a floating workstation offers.

Yacht type: A motor yacht or a catamaran offering stability and comfort for work can be the ideal floating workplace.

Side events:

  • Organize workshops to strengthen professional relationships.
  • Onboard dining. Design your next seminar or round-table event with colleagues on the deck of a spacious yacht.
  • Plan competing events for you and your business team.
  • Wellness breaks. Offer relaxation areas and spa treatments to unwind after work.

Floating workstations provide professionals the flexibility to work from an idyllic location, enhancing creativity and productivity. You can trust our support team to relieve the day’s workload off your shoulders.

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