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Services and pricing

What does “chartering a yacht” mean?

Chartering a yacht refers to the practice of renting a yacht for a specified period to enjoy a sailing or cruising experience, typically in a coastal or offshore location. It may involve renting a yacht along with its crew, or renting a bareboat, and sometimes additional services, for a defined time frame. Yacht chartering allows individuals or groups to explore various destinations and enjoy a tailored sailing or cruising adventure without the responsibilities of yacht ownership.

What sets BoatPlanner apart from the competition and what does the company offer that makes it unique?

BoatPlanner is much more than just another yacht chartering company. We offer the utmost travel customization process to meet your individual sailing preferences. BoatPlanner’s Holiday Planner is a personalized itinerary facilitator built on a dual approach; a user-friendly booking widget collects information from a questionnaire you fill in, and then, a dedicated human trip consultant makes all the arrangements and fine-tuning for your voyage, up to the least detail!

What is the price for chartering a yacht?

Rental fees for leisure boats depend on a variety of factors, such as the duration of the journey, the choice of vessel, specific requests and amenities provided, crew requirements, the itinerary plan (covering routes, stopovers, transits, and docking locations), additional custom expenses and fees, the travel date (considering peak season rates), the number of passengers, special requests, provisions or even planning services, theme events, etc. Kindly note that the initial price lists you may encounter during your search often do not include additional costs such as port fees, refuel expenses etc. Our online yacht reservation system is a user-friendly tool that enables you to instantly calculate the pricing of your demands.

Reservations and Payments

How can I make a reservation for a yacht charter through BoatPlanner?

To reserve a yacht charter, you can use our user-friendly online charter booking system. Select your desired dates, destination, yacht type and follow the prompts to arrange for further details and secure your reservation. Our innovative Holiday Planner feature will help you customize your sailing plans. You can also contact our customer support team for assistance during the booking process.

What payment methods are accepted for yacht charter reservations at BoatPlanner?

We accept various payment methods, including major credit cards and bank transfers. The payment details and options will be provided during the booking process.

Is there an advanced payment required to confirm my reservation and when is the full payment due?

Yes, an advanced payment is typically required to confirm your reservation. The exact amount and payment schedule can vary based on the specific yacht and charter terms and conditions.

What is BoatPlanner's cancellation policy?

BoatPlanner’s cancellation policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding the cancellation of yacht charters. It typically includes details on cancellation deadlines, refund or credit options, and any associated fees or penalties. The specific policy may vary based on the type of charter and the terms agreed upon when booking, so it’s essential to review the terms and conditions provided during the booking process or contact BoatPlanner directly for precise information on cancellation policies.

Damage and Claims

What should I do if I notice any damage to the yacht during my charter?

If you notice any damage to the yacht during your charter, please report it immediately to the onboard crew, or our partner’s base team and to BoatPlanner. The damage will be assessed and support will be coordinated accordingly.

Is there a security deposit required for yacht rentals?

The deposit is used to pay for damage to the boat, the insurance excess or any damage suffered by the owner. Once the trip is over the security deposit is being refunded.

Am I responsible for any damages incurred during my charter?

The responsibility for damages during the charter can vary depending on the specific charter terms and conditions. If any damages are found to be the result of negligence or misuse, the repair costs may be deducted from the security deposit. Our goal is to address any concerns promptly and fairly.

How do I file a claim for damages or issues encountered during my charter?

To file a claim for damages or issues, please contact our customer support team as soon as possible. We will guide you through the claims process, which may involve providing documentation, photos, and relevant details of the incident.

Safety and security measures
What are the safety measures in place during the charter?

Your safety is our top priority. All yachts are outfitted with a range of safety equipment, including life jackets, first-aid kits and state-of-the-art navigation technology. Safety briefings is provided during check in to ensure you have a secure sailing experience. BoatPlanner’s support team together with the base staff are ready to offer guidance in every step of the way. For further insights into our Safety Protocol Procedure, which encompasses a Customer’s Information & Awareness Guide and a Contingency Plan for Sailing Emergences, please click here.

What happens in case of bad weather or emergencies at sea?

In the event of adverse weather conditions or emergencies, an experienced crew is trained to handle such situations. We have a comprehensive contingency plan in place to ensure the safety of all passengers on board, including a 24/7 emergency hotline.

Do you have security measures to prevent unauthorized access on board?

Yes, we have implemented security protocols to deter any unauthorized entry on board. However, we understand that some passengers may have specific security requirements or concerns, such as the installation of safes on board or the presence of security officers. You are welcome to discuss additional security measures with our support team. However, please be aware that if you plan to bring armed individuals on board, you will need to report this during the booking process.

What is your sustainable sailing policy?

At BoatPlanner, we are a dedicated team of environmentally responsible sailors who act with respect to customers, to the environment and to local communities. Our practices include eco-friendly waste disposal, low-impact tourism and adherence to marine conservation guidelines. Please visit our Sustainable Sailing section to learn more and engage.

What kind of sailing license should I have with me?

A sailing license is not required when you charter a skippered yacht. However, if you wish to take on the helm, you have to be certified with some sailing license. Each charter destination varies as to government or Port Authority requirements. The type of license may vary based on factors such as the country, the type of yacht (length, horsepower etc.) or the distance to be covered from the nearest shelter or coast. Feel free to contact our specialized customer support team who is available to assist you on the sailing license requirements according to your desired destination.

What other certificates are required for me and my co-travelers?

Certificates and documentation may vary depending on your destination. Health certificates might be required for some underwater activities, such as scuba diving etc. Our team will provide you with a checklist of required documents, including passports and any necessary permits.

What kind of insurance policies are needed? How do I know if my insurance plan is applicable in foreign countries?

We advise obtaining a travel insurance plan covering for sailing vacations and international travel. Group travel insurance plans as well as deposit insurance can be acquired for your to enjoy a trouble free journey. Please reach out to one of our team members to guide you through.

Onboard facilities and special requests
Are pets allowed on board?

While some vessels may allow pets, it’s best to check with our team as each yacht may have specific policies regarding this matter.  Most destinations may require pet health certificates, and/or animal identification papers upon entry, transit or exit. If you choose to travel with your pet, you will be given an additional safety briefing and you will be presented with extra onboard equipment options, from crates to overboard alert wearables for your pet.

Can I change the route we have initially planned?

Yes, you can discuss route modifications with our experienced trip planners to include more stopovers or skip some destinations. In the event of adverse weather conditions, the skipper or the company may propose an alternative route to ensure safety.

Can I stay longer than planned?

Extending your trip is possible, yet subject to availability. Contact our team to make arrangements for an extended stay.

Are there cooks and/or cleaning service available?

Yes, we offer options for professional cooks or chefs on board. Feel free to discuss your culinary preferences with our team and they can arrange for a skilled chef to cater to your needs. We also offer cleaning services, so please feel free to let us know your specific cleaning requirements.

May I take the helm from the skipper for a while?

You may captain the yacht, provided that you are over the age of 18 and possess a relevant sailing license.

If I opt for the self-skippered option, can I request for a skipper mid-trip?

Yes, you can request a skipper mid-trip if needed. Our team can make arrangements to ensure your safety and comfort.

Can I smoke on board?

Smoking policies vary by yacht. Some yachts may have designated smoking areas, while others may have restrictions. Please inquire about the specific policy for your chosen yacht.

Are there facilities available for people with special needs?

We accommodate guests with special needs whenever possible. Please contact us in advance to discuss your specific requirements.

Are there any age or health restrictions for passengers?

While we aim to accommodate passengers of all ages and health conditions, there may be some restrictions for safety reasons. We recommend discussing your specific needs and concerns with our team, and we will do our best to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Shall I bring a guest onboard?

Of course, you can bring guests on board while docked, but it is important to ensure that the vessel can comfortably accommodate the additional passengers. It is also necessary to promptly notify the shore of any changes in the number of people on board while out at the sea.

Boat listings
I am a yacht owner. How can I rent out my own boat?

To offer your yacht for rent on BoatPlanner, you have to create an account and then list your boat by filling out the form. An inspection will take place a short while after. Submitting a listing is free of charge. Our team will guide you through the details. You can modify or delete your listing at any time.

I am a yacht owner. Can I avail all your additional services from you apart from chartering a boat?

Certainly! As a yacht owner you can access our full range of services, provided that your yacht is suitable for the chosen itinerary and meets the necessary maintenance and certification requirements. We offer a variety of services to enhance your yachting experience, including itinerary planning, crew arrangements, provisions, event management, and more. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and how we can assist you further.

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