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Family trips

Search for certified boats, bareboat or skippered.

Family trips and get-togethers on a yacht offer the perfect setting for relaxation and quality time with your loved ones.

Here’s what you can expect from these memorable events;

  • Pirate adventure: Turn your family trip into a pirate-themed experience with treasure hunts and pirate costumes for the little ones.
  • Island exploration: Plan visits to nearby islands and explore their natural beauty and wildlife.
  • Culinary cruise: Delight your taste buds with beachside local cuisine experiences and wine-tasting sessions.

Yacht Type:  Spacious monohauls, or motor yachts with multiple cabins offer ample space, comfort, and safety for families of all sizes.

Side Events:

  • Water Activities: enjoy swimming, paddleboarding or even fishing together.
  • Barbeques: Have beachside picnics and barbecues arranged or dine on the deck of your yacht.
  • Family Games: Enjoy a wide array of onboard toys and equipment, organize board game tournaments, and create lasting family traditions.
  • History and Sightseeing: Expand your knowledge and learn more about the places you visit, by checking in museums and local parks.

Family trips are a perfect way to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and bond with your cherished ones in a spectacular marine setting.

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