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Corporate Events – Team Building

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Are you prepared to embark on a unique team-building adventure? BoatPlanner is your go-to partner for unforgettable corporate events on sailing yachts.

Yacht Type: Select from a premier fleet of elegant sailing yachts, including spacious multi-hulled catamarans and sleek monohulls, to create the ideal backdrop for your corporate team-building activities.

Ideas for Corporate Team Building:

1. Nautical Navigator Challenge:

  • Destination: Open Seas
  • Atmosphere: Teams navigate the yacht, learning sailing techniques and working together to chart their course.
  • Dress Code: Casual maritime wear for practical sailing.
  • Cuisine: Healthy, energizing snacks and meals fit for sailors.
  • Beverages: Hydrating drinks to keep the crew refreshed.
  • Entertainment: Team sailing competitions, navigational challenges, and leadership exercises.

2. Island Treasure Hunt:

  • Destination: Caribbean Islands
  • Atmosphere: Teams embark on a thrilling treasure hunt, deciphering clues and exploring islands.
  • Dress Code: Adventure-ready attire with a hint of pirate flair.
  • Cuisine: Local island specialties with tropical flavors.
  • Beverages: Refreshing tropical juices and mocktails.
  • Entertainment: Beachside team-building exercises, snorkeling, and island exploration.

3. Leadership at Sea Workshop:

  • Destination: Tranquil Coastal Waters
  • Atmosphere: A serene setting for workshops focused on leadership and teamwork.
  • Dress Code: Business casual for a professional yet relaxed environment.
  • Cuisine: Gourmet meals that energize and inspire.
  • Beverages: Artisanal coffee and teas for focus and clarity.
  • Entertainment: Professional development seminars, team workshops, and reflective activities.

4. Cultural Culinary Cruise:

  • Destination: Mediterranean Coast
  • Atmosphere: A gastronomic journey, learning about different cultures through cuisine.
  • Dress Code: Casual attire with cultural accents.
  • Cuisine: A variety of Mediterranean dishes for a taste of different cultures.
  • Beverages: Regional wines and non-alcoholic alternatives.
  • Entertainment: Cooking demonstrations, cultural trivia, and group cooking challenges.

5. Eco-Conscious Ocean Adventure:

  • Destination: Environmentally significant waters
  • Atmosphere: Focused on environmental awareness and sustainability.
  • Dress Code: Eco-friendly and sustainable clothing.
  • Cuisine: Organic and locally sourced meals.
  • Beverages: Eco-conscious and sustainably produced drinks.
  • Entertainment: Environmental workshops, conservation activities, and guided marine life observation.

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